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Tuff Stuff Reusable Plastic 12 Egg Carton


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Eggs have universal appeal. They're great for breakfast, baking, and their cartons are great for crafts. Whether you're raising chickens or making crafts, you'll love this reusable Tuff Stuff Plastic Chicken Egg Carton. This egg carton holds 12 eggs. Since it holds up to 12 eggs at a time, this reusable egg carton provides convenient storage for your chicken coup. Each egg divot is perfectly sized for chicken eggs. The egg carton box includes a lid for added protection. You can use this egg container for kitchen storage, crafts, or raising backyard chickens. Use this egg tray over and over. It's washable and reusable. Simply wash out with water to use again. This plastic egg carton is made with recycled plastic as an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic and paper egg cartons. Keep your eggs safe for storage and transport in this Tuff Stuff Plastic Chicken Egg Carton.

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