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The Ultimate Drinking Post Waterer

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$459.99 - $519.99
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The Drinking Post is an automatic frost-free waterer for horses and livestock that doesn't require any electricity! The Drinking Post provides the freshest, cleanest water possible for your animals and saves you time and money. The Drinking Post fills with new, fresh water every time your animal pushes the paddle, and then drains away any excess water that isn't consumed. Since it fills and drains with every single use, there's never any standing water in the unit - and if there's no standing water, there's nothing to freeze!

  • Automatic waterer made from a durable synthetic polymer blend
  • Comes with (1) paddle that allows your animals to activate the water
  • Comes with (1) training attachment for the paddle to teach your animals how to use the Drinking Post
  • Comes with (1) set of waterline connections (a 5" nipple and a 90 degree elbow - both are stainless steel and 3/4" NPT)
  • Comes with (1) stop-and-drain valve that allows the waterer to fill and drain
  • Original paddle works for horses and cattle; purchase paddle attachments for goats, sheep, pigs, and alpacas (paddle attachments are sold separately)
  • Choose your Drinking Post size based on your frostline depth and the type of animals you have (we offer sizes from 5' to 8')
  • Field tested in temps as low as -50 degrees F
  • Eliminate stagnant, standing water with Drinking Post. Fresh, clean water with every use. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter
  • Drinking Post could significantly reduce your electricity bill and your maintenance
  • No electricity, no cement pad, no problem! The Drinking Post can be installed anywhere you have a pressurized water line

  • 5 Feet
  • 6 Feet
  • 7 Feet
  • 8 Feet

**** For more information please reach out to your local Big R Store

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