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Ruckers - Anderson's Peanut Rounder 3 oz.


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Anderson's Peanut Rounder 3 oz. Its made in the small North Texas town of Blossom and The Peanut Rounder might well be the State Candy for Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana. The Peanut Rounder is always round.. .always loaded with peanuts... always tastes great, like a soft peanut praline... AND IS ALWAYS RED. If you have never tried a Peanut Rounder... and you want to try a candy that is dear to Southwestern hearts... try a Peanut Rounder... you'll never forget it and you will come back and try it again. PEANUT ROUNDER The Peanut Rounder is a delicious, soft, peanut confection that was born in the Southwest. Its best described as a soft peanut 'praline'. ITS RED and people say that its not as good if its any other color!!

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