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Rodeo Fashion

Rodeo Fashion

Posted by Brianna Walrod on 8th Jun 2022

     Along with summer comes rodeos. Tons of them! If you want to experience the full ambiance of a rodeo, you need to dress the part. The attire is a very significant part and it’s also the perfect excuse to flaunt your favorite western fashion. You wouldn’t want to show up to a rodeo in a baseball cap and shorts, would you? That doesn’t fit the mood or vibe. Follow along for a few tips about rodeo fashion and some good brands to choose from.

     Let’s start with the foundation of any great rodeo outfit: Boots! It all starts with the western boots. Sure, you could wear bell-bottom jeans and a western-looking top, but the boots complete the look. Wearing Hey Dudes or Converse would not create the same effect. Look around at rodeos, I guarantee two of the first things you notice are people’s hats and boots. I sure know I do. For women, Circle G has a variety of high-quality boots. They have square toe bootssnip toe bootsand round toe bootsTwisted X has a super cute ruff stock floral embroidered square toe boot if you’re going for a timeless look. This pair is also hand crafted with working cowgirls in mind. Laredo also has some unique patterned boots. As far as men’s boots go, Ariat has some pretty stylish square toe boots and roper boots. If you’re looking for more of a traditional look with an awesome pattern, you could try our Ariat men’s performance Pendleton circuit dark coffee & night dance square toe western boot. One of my personal favorites that give that clean/shined-up look is our Ariat men’s peanut sport western wide square toe bootsLaredo also has a variety of styles to choose from. Check out the Laredo Men’s Koufax Wide Square Toe Western Boot.

     Next, let’s move on to the pants. We’re talking rodeo, so initially, you want a high-quality-looking pair of jeans. You must go for mainly Denim if you want your best look. Most people at rodeos tend to wear their nicer pair of jeans. Wrangler and Ariat have some nice boot-cut jeans. Rock & Roll Denim has a variety of dark, light, straight boot-cut jeans for men. For women, Rock & Roll Denim has some of the cutest High Rise Dark Wash Front Seam Bell Bottom jeansRock & Roll Cowgirl has a variety of patterns, styles, and colors for women. The Rock & Roll Cowgirl women’s High Rise Black Bell Bottoms may not be blue, but they still see fit for a rodeo. These are just a few of my favorite brands of jeans we carry. For more options, explore our website.

     Now, let’s talk about hats. Hats are a key part of a rodeo outfit. One of the first things people see when they look at someone is their hat, so it is important that you pick a good quality hat to top off your outfit. For women, Bailey Hats has a mix of straw hats and felt hats. A lot of their hats entail some sort of ribbon as an added accessory. One of my personal favorites to complete the rodeo look is the Bailey Hats Vaquero Palm 10XTwister is a good brand for both genders. In my opinion, our Twister Men’s ivory Bangora 2 Cord Band Cowboy Hat is one of the better picks for men. It just looks right.

     Moving on to something just for the ladies. There are two optional items that can help complete the rodeo outfit for women: jewelry and handbags. The reason I say these are optional is that some women don’t want to carry a bag around and would still look rodeo ready enough without jewelry. However, some women consider jewelry and a purse a must. American darling is 100% the brand I would go with if you are looking for a cute western-style purse. They have a huge selection of styles, colors, patterns, and materials. Turquoise-colored jewelry seems to be popular when it comes to rodeos. Montana Silversmiths has a variety of both turquoise and simple everyday jewelry. They have earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, buckles…you name it! It’s a brand you won’t want to bypass. Their products are top-notch.

     The next accessory of discussion is a belt. Again, you can decide whether this specific item is a necessity or an option. Along with belts come belt buckles. If you just glance around at a crowd of rodeo goers, you will notice most of them have belts with fancy buckles. The ones that are fully committed, that is. Ariat is a good brand to explore for belts. They carry belt buckles as well. You can browse from narrow to wide, leather to basket weave, beveled to straight edge, patterned to plain, anything your heart desires. You can’t go wrong searching through Ariat. Montana Silversmiths has a couple of cute belt buckles as well. If you’re looking for some unique patterns, Nocona is the way to go. The Nocona Girls Sunflower and Vine belts are some of my favorites! This brand also has some very appealing men’s belts like the Southwest Inlay Belt. They also carry a selection of embroidered belts and just plain leather.

     Finally, you must think about the kind of top you want to wear to complete the outfit and achieve your desired rodeo look. At rodeos, you’ll see a mix between long-sleeve button-down or snap shirts and fun western/rodeo tees. They are both acceptable. It depends on the look you want to go for and of course weather conditions. Cinch has a bunch of long-sleeve button-down shirts. This is a highly considerable brand for those specific shirts. It carries the style in both men’s and women’s. Another plus when shopping with Cinch is they carry fun rodeo-style t-shirtsWrangler is an exceptional brand as well. The selection is huge! It all depends on what you’re feeling. They have button-downs with flare sleeves for women, button-downs for men, and t-shirts for both genders. They even have cute button-down jean dresses for women if that is the look you are going for. American highway has some super unique t-shirt designs. Cowboy Hardware and Cowgirl Hardware are other good options. There are so many more, you just must browse around and explore.

     I hope you got some good insight on the proper attire for rodeos. Don’t overthink it, don’t overdo it, but most definitely don’t underdo it. Visualize yourself at a rodeo in a crowd and how you can accommodate and fulfill the ambiance by being properly dressed. They say if you look good you feel good right? Don’t feel limited to the brands and items I listed above. Shop around and get creative!