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Flannel Fashion

Flannel Fashion

Posted by Brianna Walrod on 13th Oct 2022

     Why does everyone love flannels so much? Well, a flannel is a loosely woven fabric known for being soft and warm. Flannels are made from wool cotton or even synthetic fibers. Flannels are extremely soft and comfortable due to the brushing process after they are woven. The fabric is brushed on one or both sides called “napping” to raise fine fibers and make it feel even softer. In addition to them being warm, soft, and comfortable, there are many ways to style all the different looks. Did you know the origins of flannel can be traced back to the 17th century?! Welsh textile workers started to use leftover sheep’s wool to make a comfortable, warm & moisture-wicking fabric that became the go-to uniform for many in the working class. Fast forward to the mid-1800s when Pennsylvania-based Woolrich Woolen Mills created the first buffalo plaid flannel that workers instantly loved for its warmth and practicality. Since then, flannels have been a staple for men and women alike for work, fashion, lounging, and outdoor recreation. Here at Big R, we carry tons of different styles and brands. Let’s talk about them and some of the ways to style them.

     One of my personal favorite brands of flannels is West & Wild. I say this because they have such unique, trendy styles. They have long flannels, short ones, fringed at the bottom, and even some with hoods! Our women’s West & Wild plaid button-up hoodie can be worn with leggings and boots because it’s a little longer. It is also one of the only flannels we carry that has a hood which is always good for cooler weather. You don’t even have to wear it with leggings. Jeans will work too. Bottom line, it’s super cute and easy to wear any way you choose. Also, who would have thought to put fringe on a flannel? It’s brilliant especially if you’re going for that comfy yet cute cowgirl look. Our West & wild black and tan plaid button crop top flannel is perfect for a night out with the girls with the right shoes/accessories or even just a casual look. This flannel looks good buttoned or open with a crop/ tank underneath it. Noble Outfitters is a great brand of flannels for both men and women. We have work jacket styles, plaid shirt jackets (perfect for cool weather), men’s brawny snap front flannel long sleeves, hooded flannels, and more. The nice thing about Noble Outfitters’ flannels is the variety of colors, patterns, and materials. Our Noble Outfitters Hooded Flannel Shirt is 100% cotton (super comfy) and comes in two colors! Blue and tan with a hint of blue. Our Noble Men’s Brawny Button Front Flannel Shirt comes in six colors! This is great because you can mix and match them with different pants or jeans. This is your go-to shirt. It’s 7.8-ounce 100% cotton, brushed twice, and densely woven for ultimate strength, comfort, and durability. If you’re looking for men’s flannels. R Country is another great brand especially with the weather getting cooler. If you’re going for an everyday casual look, but still want to look stylish while staying warm, the R Country Men’s Buffalo Plaid Flannel Hooded Jacket is the way to go. It is a lightweight material for insulation for active wear in cool conditions, has an attached hood, 2-chest pockets, 2-hand pockets, and of course long sleeves. Wrangler also has multiple colors and styles for both men and women. We even have Wrangler AGT flannels such as the Wrangler ATG Women’s Western Plaid Flannel. This means you’ll be protected from any weather thrown your way. It comes with plenty of outdoor features you’ll appreciate. It has quick dry UPF 50 properties, a mesh underarm panel that keeps you comfortable, flap chest pockets to store your things, a hidden zip pocket (good for keeping your phone dry), and a patented roll-up sleeve system. All of these properties offer practical solutions for enjoying the great outdoors without any limits. North River is another awesome brand to look at for flannels. A couple of my favorites are the North River Men’s Flannel Long Sleeve Shirt and the North River Women’s Plaid Print Long Sleeve Button Down Flannel shirt. What really draws me to these are the colors! The men’s style isn’t your typical plaid print; it’s striped making it stand out from the others. The North River women’s style is more of a soft purple/gray color. Take a peek Big R (bigronline.com).

     Although these aren’t all the flannels we carry, they are some of our more popular brands and looks. Fall is flannel season! The perfect piece when temperatures are dropping, flannels are the happy medium. Some are light and airy, so you don’t get hot when the sun is still out, and some are made more like jackets with thicker fabric keeping you warm when it is chilly. Either way, Big R is the place to be if you’re looking for flannels. Visit your local store or shop online to see our great selection.