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12X20 AR500 Silhouette T-Post Target System - 3/8"


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AR500 Silhouette Target – 12×20 x 3/8?

Every good 12×20 t post target system starts with having the right kind of metal. AR500 and better is the gold standard in target shooting. All of our AR500 gong targets are CNC laser cut giving you the hardest edges. Moreover; with laser cutting, you will also get a cleaner smoother cut. This allows us to put 1/2? square mounting holes in the gong target so you can use a safe round head carriage bolt to mount your target. Many target companies use the cheaper CNC plasma cut process. Plasma cutting can overheat the metal and change the hardness of the target leading to more edge chipping shortening the life of the target. We powder coated in white so they are ready for action. Made in the USA

T Post Target Hanger

Our T Post Target Hanger uses a common T Post Fence Post while holding your 12×20 t post target at a 20-degree angle safely deflecting spent shrapnel to the ground below the target. The open hook design of the 12×20 T Post Target Hanger allows you to quickly change your targets. Install the included grade 8 carriage bolt into your target with the lock nut and adjust so the target is properly angled. As a result, the target can still move absorbing the energy of the shot while ringing like a bell. We designed the tube so it fits over the fence post and bolts on with two supplied 5/16? bolts.

Grade 8 hardware kit

Nothing can ruin your range time faster than a broken 12×20 t post target system. That is why we use a grade 8 carriage bolt to mount the silhouette to the 12×20 T Post Target Hanger. By using this design, the silhouette can move which helps absorb the energy from your shot and provide a loud ring that will bring a smile to your face.

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