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Black Boar ATV Scrape Blade

In store pickup only
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The Black Boar Scrape blade is best used for smoothing out any dirt or gravel surface. It can be attached behind the Chisel Plow implement, allowing you to smooth out the work. The scrape blade is adjustable to a 0, 7.5 or 15 degree angle either direction via angle-selector holes.

  • Adjusts 0, 7.5 or 15 degrees either direction
  • Parallel linkage design maintains proper implement angle as it is lowered
  • Lightweight design is easy to install with one person and minimizes interference with maneuvering
  • Superior range of motion without having to move pins or manually drop the hitch
  • Made of durable steel with a streamlined, minimalist design
  • 65lbs
Firearms, trailers, and some accessories are only available for purchase in stores. Each location follows all BATF and individual state/county/city laws to insure the desired product is legal for sale. Any info provided online is subject to change, please go to your local store for more accurate information.

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